MARCUT Hole Saws
MARCUT Hole Saws
MARCUT Hole Saws

MARCUT High Quality Hole Saws are made of  8%Cobalt bi metal. They have been designed for industrial applications. A solid back plate ensures a smooth constant cut, which in turn results in quicker cutting and longer blade life. Depths of up to 38 mm can be precisely cut for pipes, cables and sockets.

Hole diameters from 14 mm to 210 mm can be cut in a wide variety of materials.

Due to the 4/6 tpi tooth configuration MARCUT hole saws are a good all round cutting solution, and can be used to cut Wood, Metal, Plastics, Gypsum Board and many  material combinations such as metal and wood. Example Wooden pallets with nails embedded and Sandwich material used in roofing Applications. The correct speed for the material to be cut and the hole saw diameter will ensure optimum cutting performance.

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